Kung Fu and Love

Kung Fu and Love
A great gift for Valentine's day or Chinese New Year

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Jesus Wonder Woman!

Daughter of a more  benevolent Zeus
Than I remember from the Greek Stories.
She carries Artemis's Roman name.
An earthly name for an incarnate here.

Played by gorgeous enchanting Gal Godot
Whose ravishing hair, height, and accent slay,
It is not beauty that is most charming,
About the war goddess who flies above.

At once innocent while knowing man's sins.
She rejects reality, fights it, Wins!
Her sacrifice is love, her love explodes.
But love is resurrected in herself.

Ascending, arms spread like sol invictus,
The cross that Constantine saw in the sun.
She battles brother Ares, killing him.
With lightning, their father's signature strike.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Live well and love in this New Year

(A new Year's song, sung to the tune of "the parting glass")

All movements hopes and dreams of change,
Need cloth from distant places found.
To sew two strangers tight seems strange.
Til for warmth, the quilt is wrapped around.

Other's words are loose as sand
With no place to build or children rear
Unclench your fist and take my hand
Let's live well and love in this New Year.

Are we so different as you would insist
That eyes or lips should meet no more?
Past thoughts and feelings reminisced
Can inspire wanderings to distant shores.

To join as one in heart and mind
Is greed and hatred's greatest fear.
The path, the way, the dance to find
We can
 Live well and love in this New year.

Oceans we are meant to cross,
And comrades meant to meet again.
New friends are made but old not lost.
Mind's reason kept with rhyme regained.

This tune I hope, will embrace and touch,
Eyes That see and ears that hear.
To join as one is not too much.
Live well and love in this New Year.

Chinese food on New Year's

So... do all of you guys know about this New Year's Eve tradition where you eat American Chinese food? Like the old school American Chinese stuff from like the 60's before the east coast had even seen like a ba k Choy or knew what the hell dim sum was.

Like Crab Rangoon and beef teriyaki that kind if stuff.

Is that just a white thing? Like to black people eat that kind of food on New Year's Eve.. and yeah it started off because nothg else is open. But you have adults who grew up on that stuff. Not only that, their parents grew up doing it, hell their grandparentsbgrew up doing this, so it's become like a tradition more sacred than Santa Claus because it spans all religions.

You could have some vegan health nut who MUST punish themselves by finding the greasiest fast food Chinese place around. Lie some hipster living in Chinatown, will have to search outside if Chiatown to get the crack of Chinese food cocaine.

Can we do just any chinese food nowadays though? Or is there another ethnic group that might want to try their hand at the New Year's Eve tradition?

You know when I first found out about this tradition? I was in highschool, and it was actually my first and only time working at a Chinese restaurant owned by a friends, well my Si Hing's girlfriends family in the whitesr part of Massachusetts you can imagine.

It was there that I was first introduced to Crab Rangoon.

First of all what the hell is Crab Rangoon...ehh  that sounds like a post for the Chinatown Blog

Friday, December 15, 2017


I keep on bothering real people to talk to me virtually, and I realize that given that I will only get text responses here and there anyway, why don't I just stop bothering peoole and create an imaginary friend.

When I was a kid I had an imaginary friend. She was a blnd haired girl my age and she had super powers. I think her name was Tina or Tiffany or some kind of T name that weird.

I think if Noah had an imaginary friend, it would be Jonah.

Anyway, religion is kind of like having an imagart friend, but I think I need a goddess that nobody bows to really, so as not to offend.

And someone who would fit in these surroundings, wit te woods and the deer. Not someone to worship. Someone to talk to... who alsi has super powers I guess. And I think it should be a hot woman, because why not.

I was going to go with Artemis but then I realized that one of the characters in Kung Fu and Cooking (which I never published anyway) was Artemis and that I think she was the daughter of a character based on me. She also shoots Noah in the back with an arrow.

Artemis was alsi te Virgin goddess of the Moon. You know maybe  I will start talking Artemis after all. We woukd just keep things platonic.

I thought of Athena too. How she watched over Odysseus...but honestly Athena is Grace, especially the bit about arachne.

In fact I got Grace Nike as a trophy for something she did. Where did it go?

Okay Nike is not Athena, but at some point they all start to look the same and these characters are going to follow my ideas. You see, to talk to them they will have to answer back. Which means I will be the one yo do that too. Which means that I am them.

In that case shoukd I create new names as well?

Messing up on the morning

It's pretty easy for me to get the kids ready for school. That is to say, compared to what parents are going to have to go through at BPS. Today I woke the kids up, not in a friendly tv Daniel tiger perfe t father or mother way. It was "Get up Now!we're late!"
I gave the yuk sung and butter on toast. I put their socks on. I put their sweatshirts on. I their boots and they put those on.

I got their backpacks and coats for them and while they ate we formulated a plan so they would not have to wait in the cold.

I would wait in the cold and single to them at the end of the driveway when the bus came.

I tested if they, or if at least one of them (Noah is the one that is good at this, when it is clear that there are benefits, like warmth.) Was watching, by going down there, doing a series of Kung Fu moves and coming back up.

"What did I do?"

"Walk down.... come back up..."

"What did I do when I was down there?"

"Kung Fu moves...."

"Which moves?"

The boy answered correctly and so we were good to go. He even checked with a shout when I did not signal in a while and I shouted back. You see, he is standing behind a glass door so verbal will only work if he initiates it.

The bus came, I signalled. They ran down. Success.

..........except when I got back inside I saw their damn lunch boxes on the counter. So I will be driving over to their school anyway.

But again, so easy compared to what some parents are going to have to do, especially if their kids have special needs, when the schedules for schools change to 7-1 for some parents in Boston.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Snow delay

School is delayed for two hours. After shoveling the light dustingbcovering our long driveway, I emailed work and peacefully contemplated life as faulighted slowly came. The sun blocked by cloud cover is not seen. Instead light seemed to emanate from the snow and the surroundings as if we were in some sort of other world that the druids spoke of.

"What the helllll!" Screamed Jonah over and over with the slamming of doors accompanying his vocal rage.

The conflict was over the sharing of a computer, which indeed belonged to Mommy, and therefore belonged to Jonah, her niii wuuu, and not Noah, who has the use of my computer.

Nothing like an argument that quickly escalates into an all out war as the weaker Jonah commits various acts of vandalism on the house until authorities step in to remedy the situation.

At any rate, my heart is now pumping fast and the children are working together... ON THE SAME DAMN COMPUTER rather nicley although both are out and on.

Time to make toast and perhaps hot chocolate.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Freestyle practice

Just finished doing Kung Fu with the kids, where I just put on Nam Yi Dong Ji Kerng and have them get low and do moves. Whatever moves. It was supposed to be fun and work on speed, power, but then also have resting meditative points. The kids just ended up fighting, which one would think is good, but if you are just indicating strikes without putting power you aren't developing. Then Noah would start staring at the TV which defeats the purpose. Well I got a workout and the did do some moves. But that is why not Every class can be like that. In the end, from the fighting Noah was so upset that he said he would do 100 basics each instead.

Well tomorrow we do boxing anyway. Friday is basics... which I was thinking of replacing with techniques from the forms...we'll see.